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The Writer’s Fear

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    Recent Testimonials:

    "Marilyn Horowitz is a multi-tasking rock star. Whether giving advice, coaching writers or teaching classes, she goes big. Like her new novel, The Book of Zev, which we have the privilege of publishing in December. The book is big. Zev is big. Marilyn is .... not as big as Zev! Yet she soars by always striving for the best; the cover, the best line, the best edit, the best angle. The best she can be and helping you to be the best YOU can be. She is a million bucks worth of high-octane energy. If you don't believe me, go ask Zev."
    ~John Köehler, Founder and Publisher of Köehler Books

    “Marilyn Horowitz, full-time writer, producer and script doctor conceived this step-by-step programme that will genuinely get your first script completed.”~GQ,
    “The Hollywood Issue”

    “For over a decade I have been recommending Marilyn to anyone with the intention of writing a screenplay (or a book or a memoir or…). Her 10-week workbook is one of the clearest and most-efficient methods around. I have used it in my own work both as a teacher and a screenwriter for many years with great success. And I can’t say enough positive things about her ongoing work as an instructor and as a writing coach. She is dedicated, insightful, and great fun. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”
    ~Michael Zam,
    NYU Screenwriting Professor

    “Marilyn helped me turn my raw first draft into a marketable screenplay that I ultimately produced starring Vanessa Williams and Eartha Kitt and was sold to Warner Bros.”
    ~Caytha Jentis,
    Writer/Producer (And Then Came Love)